3 Tips for Online Over 50’s Dating

When you’re Single and Mature the online dating world can be hard to navigate. Sometimes it feels like everyone is looking for a younger model. However if you’re clear about what you want and you make a plan to get it, you’ll find dating success comes easily!

Tip 1 – Use Great Photos

Get a great photo on your online dating profile. Your profile photo helps to set the scene and also tells people about who you are and what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something long-term then you definitely want to get a face photo on there, but if you’re looking for something short term and sexy perhaps a creative image showing off your body might fit the bill.

Whatever you’re aiming for, make sure that the photograph is clear, in focus, and a large enough file size for the website! Don’t just screenshot it from elsewhere and hope it’ll be fine – upload the original file! And whatever you do, don’t steal someone else’s picture…

Tip 2 – Know What You Want

I say it over and over again when I give advice to people who are looking for fun online – know what you want! And once you’ve decided what you want, make it clear to everyone else what you want!

Write what you want in big, bold letters on your profile so that there are no misunderstandings, and then write it again to make sure!

Once you’ve written what you’re after, try and stick to it. You’re allowed you change your mind for any reason at any time, of course. But try and keep your profile up to date. There’s nothing worse than messaging a man who has a profile saying he’s looking for casual hookups, and then discovering he really wants to settle down for the long term with just one person.

Tip 3 – Make a Plan

I’m not talking military precision here, but I do think a plan is helpful. For a few years I scheduled my dating life in my diary and it really helped me get what I want!

I used to schedule one night a month to go to a swing club and then I would also block regular time out, once a week or so, to go on dates or hookups. I used to literally sit down in the last week of the previous month with my diary and plan out my month. I’d go online and contact people I’d been chatting to who were interesting, set up dates, and go back to previous meets and see if they were interested in seeing me again.

Having this kind of (very loose) structure in my dating life helped prevent it from getting stagnant. It kept me arranging socials and dates, meeting new people, and getting out and about to clubs. It also meant that I was on the lookout for nights that suited what I was after – I know that some friends have had some great luck with themed nights at clubs aimed at over 50s dating!

The biggest benefit was the sheer volume of interesting people I met and many of them are friends today, even if our date never really went anywhere! Try it – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain as a mature person on the dating scene.

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