5 Reasons Single Women Should Attend Swingers Clubs

When I meet men on dates they often raise an eyebrow when I tell them that I attend swinging clubs alone, as a single woman. There are all sorts of misconceptions about single women and swinging clubs that are perpetuated by many of those into the swinging lifestyle, so here’s a roundup of some of the reasons that you, as a single woman, should head along to a swingers club on your own.

You won’t get stood up

I’m guessing if you’re here on this site then you understand the time sink that arranging socials can be. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spend many, many hours sitting in coffee shops waiting for people to turn up. Don’t get me wrong, I rarely mind sitting and having a coffee on my own. But it can get frustrating when a promised meet never happens.

In my opinion the best way to get around this is by heading along to a swinging club. There will be lots of people there who are also looking to socialise and who are generally looking for ‘more’ to happen in the future. And there’s no such thing as a no show – because they’re already there!

Sometimes I do also arrange to meet people for a social at a swingers club, and sometimes they do fail to show. However it never matters too much because there’s a load of other people to chat to and meet as well!

You build up your network

Over the years most of my most successful meets have come from my network. Sometimes people who I’ve met at a club before and then either seen again or we’ve got in touch online later, but sometimes I get referrals too! Occasionally I’ll get a message from a someone I know who is into swinging telling me that they met someone who they personally weren’t interested in (or who it didn’t work out with) but they think that I would be interested in them. That’s the benefit of having friends into the swinging I guess – an extended friendship network of people to play with! Plus if they know someone ‘in the flesh’ then of course you’re much less likely to get a dreaded no show…

You don’t need to rely on your friends for company

As I get older I always find that one of the hardest things about getting together with friends is actually getting a group of people to all commit to heading out on the same night in the same place. However a swinging club is easy to head along to if you’re alone and you’ll certainly find company. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys meeting new people and being sociable then you’ll almost certainly have a good night!

The drinks are (usually) cheap

The entry fee might not be cheap, but the drinks usually are! Clubs generally make a profit on the door rather than on the drinks – if they make any profit at all from the bar. Some swingers clubs don’t have their own alcohol license so encourage you to bring your own.

One word of advice though – don’t drink too much, especially if you’re on your own. If you’re drunk then you can’t consent, and nobody wants somebody who is incapable of giving their consent attending a swingers club!

You might get laid

Lots of people go to swingers clubs with the intent of getting laid. And while that is often a fun thing that happens at a swingers club, you shouldn’t assume it will definitely occur! If you aim to meet new people and socialise with them, you won’t be disappointed if nothing more happens before you head home. However you never know – you might just meet the right person (or people) and have a night of great sex with the added bonus of others watching!

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